Before you buy second hand plates

Although we don't participate in the sale of second hand plates, we think it's important you know these things.

  1. Owning the physical plates themselves does NOT necessarily give you the right to display those plates on a vehicle.

  2. If you are purchasing second hand plates with the intention of putting them on a vehicle, it is important you contact us BEFORE you purchase them. We can confirm that the person selling you the physical plates also owns the RIGHTS TO DISPLAY that combination.

  3. Before we can transfer the display rights to you, you will need to complete a Transfer of Rights form. This has to be signed by both yourself and the seller. Legally we cannot accept any other form of paperwork.

  4. Privacy laws (and our own sense of what's right) mean that we cannot give out any information about the owners of registration numbers. We also cannot contact these owners on your behalf.

We strongly encourage you when buying any second hand number plates to contact us on 1300 660 417. We can tell you the status of the plates before negotiations are entered into and potentially save you from any disappointment.