Euro plates

Bonjour, ciao or hola amigo. We hope we're speaking your language (or, at least that of your car).

Short of prying the plates off cars parked along the Champs-Élysées (and we certainly wouldn't condone that), Euro plates are a small piece of Europe everyone can enjoy, whether you're from Paris, Prague or Pascoe Vale. And best of all, they won't require any translation.

Each plate is painstakingly hammered out to look identical to those found throughout the European Union. This means they fit beautifully into the larger number plate areas found on European cars. Your car's designer can also sleep easier, cosily tucked in at home, knowing their original vision of your car is being realised.

There are two types of Euro plates; Euro and Euro Premium. Euro plates consist of a V followed by two letters and three numbers, where as Euro Premium allows you to customise the content of your Euro plate, eg V AUDI.

Euro plates


Euro plate frames
Euro plate frames are available by calling VicRoads on 1300 660 417.

Note: The standard size Euro plates do not have pre-drilled holes like other Victorian number plates. The mini sized Euro plates do come with pre-drilled holes.

Customise Your Plate

Available colours & themes

  • Euro Black plate
    White font on Black
  • Euro White plate
    Black font on White
  • Euro Silver plate
    Black font on Silver
  • Euro Gold plate
    Black font on Gold

Combination options

V.AA.000 to V.ZZ.999  
Euro Premium
V.AAA to V.ZZZ  V.AAA.0 to V.ZZZ.9
V.AAAA to V.ZZZZ V.AAA.00 to V.ZZZ.99

Price - Euro

Standard/Next Available (white only) $495*
Personalised (white and black) $695*
Gold and Silver colour $895*
Mini $45* extra per plate

Price - Euro Premium

Euro Premium (any colour) $895*
Restyle existing Euro to Euro Premium $395*
Restyle existing Custom to Euro Premium (this only applies to combinations which already begin with a V and fit within the available Euro Premium ranges) $395*
Mini $45* extra per plate


Standard 520mm (w) x 112mm (h)
Mini 372mm (w) x 100mm (h)


Standard "VIC" vertically on left hand side of plate
Mini "VIC" vertically on left hand side of plate

*All prices are shown in Australian dollars. Prices/specifications are subject to change without notice. Representations of plates provided on this page are for illustration purposes only, final products may vary slightly from what is displayed on-screen. Plates displayed on this page are not necessarily available for sale.

Please note: If you need to purchase a plate under a company name you must call VicRoads on 1300 660 417, between 8:30am-5:00pm Monday to Friday, 8:30am-2:00pm Saturday or visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre 8:30am-4:30pm Monday to Friday.