Plates we won't issue

There are a few (we think pretty reasonable) reasons why we might reject your number plate application.

While we enjoy having a good time, being responsible, safe and considerate to other road users is something we take very seriously. Plates containing offensive language, anti-social values or a negative road safety message will be unacceptable.

We will not issue plates which:

  1. Use inappropriate language;
  2. Make inappropriate racial, religious, sexual, physical or mental health references;
  3. Contain a poor Road Safety message; 
  4. Makes reference to violence;
  5. Prohibited by "The Defence (Prohibited Words and Letters) Amendment Regulations 2000 and The War Precautions ACT Repeal ACT 1920";
  6. Misrepresents affiliation with an authoritative body or agency (Commonwealth, State or Territory):
  7. Shows disrespect to the law, law enforcement or law enforcers;
  8. Contains a reference to towing or the word "TOW";
  9. Contains a reference to terrorist organisations; or
  10. May be mistaken for another number.

Please note that VicRoads has the right to make decisions about the suitability of a plate combination.

All this information is contained (in legal jargon) amongst our Terms and Conditions and in FAQs'.