Slimline Black plates

Slimline black plates

Custom Plates is excited to announce the availability of Slimline Black plates that can now be purchased over the counter at all VicRoads Customer Service Centres.

The plates are available in the range of AAA.000 to AZZ.999 and have been pre-manufactured and stocked in the VicRoads Customer Service Centres so you can walk in and purchase a pair to go straight onto your vehicle. So if you don't want to put a General Issue plate on your car, you can now purchase a Slimline Black plate without having to wait 5-10 working days for a new set to be manufactured and sent to you.

As an added bonus, because the Slimline Black plates are mass produced, there are cost savings and we're pleased to say that the Slimline Black will cost you $170.00, rather than $240.00, which it would cost you to upgrade your existing 3x3 plate.

Please note: Slimline Black plates are a 'next-out-of-the-box' plate. You will retain the rights to display the combination you are allocated, as per all Custom Plates, however you are unable to select the combination. If you wish to choose a specific combination, this will be a new purchase of a 3x3 combination and subject to applicable fees for that product.

Purchasing your Slimline Black plate

There is only one way to purchase a Slimline Black plate:


Available colours & themes

  • Slimline black plates
    White font on Black

Combination options

AAA.000 to AZZ.999  


Slimline black $170*


Slimline 372mm (w) x 100mm (h)


Slimline "VIC" vertically on left hand side of plate

*All prices are shown in Australian dollars. Prices/specifications are subject to change without notice. Representations of plates provided on this page are for illustration purposes only, final products may vary slightly from what is displayed on-screen. Plates displayed on this page are not necessarily available for sale.

Please note: If you need to purchase a plate under a company name you must call VicRoads on 1300 660 417, between 8:30am-5:00pm Monday to Friday, 8:30am-2:00pm Saturday or visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre 8:30am-4:30pm Monday to Friday.