Things you should know

• The purpose of a number plate
Number plates are important legal identifiers for your vehicle. All registration numbers remain the property of the state of Victoria. By purchasing a customised plate you have purchased the right to display that combination on a vehicle of your choice.

Separators and fonts; why they are important
With so many Custom plates to choose from it is important they each have their own unique attributes; this being different fonts, colours, images and separators. All plates are camera tested prior to their release to ensure these attributes are clearly visible. Plates are important legal identifications for your vehicle so you cannot modify, obscure or deface your plates in any way. Adding your own attribute, such as that sticker that shows allegiance towards your favourite team or club might look great, it's technically breaking the law, and by affixing it to your number plate you're running the risk of attracting a fine.

• What we will issue and why
Not only do we decide what number plates are issued, we also decide what plates are refused. Regulation 58 of the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009 provides VicRoads with the right to withhold a number plate from sale. Reasons why plates may be withhold include; if they could be mistaken for another registration number, used for advertising purposes or potentially released at a number plate auction event.

• Plates we won't issue
Being responsible, safe and considerate to other road users is something we take seriously. Plates containing offensive language, anti-social values or negative road safety message is unacceptable. So plates which are likely to offend or send a negative message will not be issued.

• Illegal plates
It is an offence under the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009 to display a number plate which has not been issued by VicRoads. This is a punishable offence that means Police or authorised VicRoads officers have power to seize any number plates they have reasonable grounds for suspecting was not issued in accordance with the Road Safety Act.

• Before buying on the secondary market
Although we don't participate in the sale of second hand plates, we strongly encourage you contact VicRoads on 1300 660 417 before purchasing. We can tell you the status of the plates and potentially save you from any disappointment.