Transferring my plates

If you no longer wish to keep your Custom Plate combination, you can transfer the rights to your registration number to another person or company. This can be done by signing the rights to your registration number over to someone else, or by selling the vehicle with the number plates still on the car.

This page is designed to help you successfully transfer the rights to your plates by signing them over to another person. If you would like more information about selling your car and what this means for your Custom Plates, please Contact Us.

Please note that a fee may apply to your transfer of rights application.

How to transfer

You can transfer the rights to display your Custom Plate combination to another person or company by completing a Transfer of Rights form.
Once completed you can either post the form to VicRoads using the address below, bring your form into a VicRoads Customer Service Centre, or fax your form through to us on 9854 1800.

Number plates must remain on the vehicle to which they are assigned until:

The rights holder to an identifying number may request the assignment of the number:

Please note: If the number is going to a vehicle that is registered in a different name (this includes spouse, children, company etc), then a transfer of rights form needs to be filled out.

Acting on behalf of a person or company

You can act on behalf of a person or company who is unable to visit a VicRoads office. To do this, you need a letter of authority.

To act on behalf of another person, you must provide:

To act on behalf of a company, you must provide:

An Authority to Register form is acceptable if a company does not have letterhead.

Postal Address for completed Transfer of Rights forms:

Registration Processing
GPO Box 1644
Melbourne 3001


If your plates have been previously assigned to a vehicle, an administration fee (we call it an "assignment fee") will be applied to reassign them.

If your Custom Plate was purchased prior to March 2000, you will be under an older style contract agreement. A transfer fee will also apply to your plates. This fee will vary depending on the types of plates you own.